Vigilant Eagle price list

Part NumberProduct DescriptionGSA PriceCommercial PriceWarranty
SR2P Vigilant Eagle Perpetual License. Includes 3 Customization Licenses (SR2C), 2 Training Licenses (SR2R) and 2 program or technical meetings $29,620.50 $35,000.00 1 Year
SR2C Vigilant Eagle Tailoring Package. May be used to customize Vigilant Eagle to meet the special or unique needs of the using organization. Multiple packages may be purchased to cover the estimated cost of the customization. $2,115.75 $2,500.00 1 Year
SR2R Vigilant Eagle On-Site Training. Max class 20 attendees. 4-hour class. Support materials: Shortcut cards. Students must have a computer and access to the Internet. $3,571.39 $4,220.00 1 Year