Easy to use, secure, customizable and robust web applications in use by commercial businesses and government agencies.

SCOUT© Suspense Tracker functionality is now a powerful feature of DefenseReady (www.defenseready.com) For more information contact Permuta Technologies. Read how DefenseReady's Task Management solution expands operational capabilities

PROMOTe and VIGILANT EAGLE speciality software.
An example of applying web applications to specific problems, a military command uses PROMOTe and VIGILANT EAGLE to automate the process of reviewing, analyzing and scoring candidates for promotion to a higher rank or a higher responsibility.

VISIT REQUESTOR gives you control of a former paperwork-intense process.
Many government agencies waste time and resources because they don't have an automated system for initiating, approving, tracking and managing facility visits. The application includes a digital signature pad to capture visitor sign-in No more paper sign-in logs! VISIT REQUESTER can be implemented as a modular addition to SCOUT© Suspense Tracker TASK WORKFLOW MANAGEMENT system or as a standalone application.

CONTRACT TRACKER manages the status reporting of contracts and purchase requests.
This web application allows users to manage the status of contracts or purchase requests they have submitted or over which they have purview. A customizable application that can be implemented as a standalone capability or as a modular addition to SCOUT© Suspense Tracker TASK WORKFLOW MANAGEMENT.

ENVIRON© Is our commercial environmental management system.
ENVIRON© manages hazardous materials storage and transportation data. ENVIRON contains chemical data information and the combinations of chemicals to manage the status of materials in storage and the disposition of those materials.

GSA Schedule GS-35F-0178X
HPC-COM software products and services are available on GSA Schedule GS-35F-0178X.

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